Thursday, June 10, 2010

~ ~ ~ LOVE IS ~ ~ ~ by ORANDON c)2010

Time to Love Yourself
Love Who You Are
Love All That Is

If It Says "Love", Be IT

Keep the Intention of Loving Alive in You

Practice Loving-Kindness
Towards Yourself At All Times

Let the Universe Only Hear
the Intention of Love From You
(spoken and unspoken)

Love It, Good, Bad, & Ugly
Keep Silent in Love
Love Your Secrets into Life

When It Hurts Understand It Wants Love

Accept Nothing Less Than Love
Anything Less than Love is Not for You,
It's Something Else

Love Is Grace
Love is Allowing
Love is Spiritual Awareness
Love Has Potential
Love Is All
Love is Light
Love is Knowledge
Love is Real
Love Speaks Without Words
Love Chooses Peace
Love Chooses Joy

Love Yourself Through the Pain
Love Others Through Their Pain
Love Your Neighbor
Love is the Highest Power
Love Never Dies

Love Knows No Bounds