Sunday, December 21, 2008

Golden Days

Cease the rushing,
there is nothing to complete...
and absorb the lessons
of your journey.
Be King or Queen for day...
Ending the Quest here
only takes you to
a threshold of another.

Be still; be here
in these short steps of Mastery.
Savor this time
to fully Become,
possess your worlds...
Savor your discoveries here,
these are Golden Days...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Butterfly, Getting Free

Butterfly, getting free,
the relief
you experience
is not
your personal pardon,
but the release of others
from your rigid expectation...

Butterfly, getting free,
you will rise
to new heights
melting away
your worm-life.
Casting away
the heavy crystals
of resentment and restriction.

Butterfly, getting free,
feel the lightness
of your being,
as they are.
Free yourself
from this endless vigil...
the behavior of those around you.
See them
for who they are,
not what they
can or can't do

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lovers Point, for P.B. Shelley

Lover's Point, for P.B. Shelley

and be with me
in your
supreme success.
The lull, the rhythmic roar of our faithful tide,
eternally wears away...
The shoreline stones,
obedient forever
to the phase of the moon,
the pull of the moon
on the tide...
How can you futilely
attempt to resist
Be rewarded,
with me.

Eternally Youthful Woman Denies She is Immortal, IV

Fire sparking
more Flames:
we learn to hold such inner Fire
Fire igniting
in every heart it touches,
until all the world's aflame.
So warm
such flame,
success not far behind;
be strong
be gentle.

alchemy, transformation;
circumstances changing,
magical, miraculous.
Only shifts
of perspective,
attitudes bringing clarity.
Fire harnessing, tempering,
used judiciously,
consuming every hope
and dream...

Eternally Youthful Woman Denies She is Immortal, III

The treasures of Heaven wait
inside the Mountain:
go deep into the wealth of wisdom
and good works from the past,
to charge yourself
with timeless strength.
Draw sustenance from such knowledge,
then you may cross to the farthest shores.
Others have traveled this path before you,
overcoming the same obstacles facing you,
making critical decisions at these same crossroads.

Study them, watch for them,
Gain inspiration and wisdom from them...
Learn from their mistakes;
Because all were Seekers,
Travelers, Explorers,
daring to map out a course you now follow.
Their words, their deeds will imbue you
with courage

to face what lies ahead.

Eternally Youthful Woman Denies She is Immortal, II

Dive into the deep waters of life...
If you can bring life to people;
be of constant encouragement,
one another.

Whole cities around you
will rise and fall,
but with YOU
at the center,
the energy moves
never drying to dust.

With YOU
at the center
the link is not broken.

The center is
common to us all,
The Collective Unconscious.
Others say "God within".
It's inside us,
the dream,
symbols, archetypes, emotions, instincts
we share with
every living being.

The lonely separateness we feel from others
is not because the center has dried up,
but because we loose the means
to reach its waters.
Timeless, inexhaustible
we can learn to nourish ourselves.

Each day is a challenge
to make ourselves pure again.

The clouds of Heaven rain help
upon those in need,
teaching us how we, too,
can move on
with no attachment to

the good we do.

To be sincere and earnest,
in spite of danger;
To not force the outcome,
but seek help when it's needed,
this is the way.

Daily, I restore this sword, my body,
pick it up, bring it into presence now.
I know this takes personal commitment,
Adversary would love to force one
into an angry display;
that would legitimize it's opposition...
Such rage would drag you down

to it's level.

bring yourself into presence,
take a public stand
against adversary, but refuse to participate
with it.
Without compromise,
show others the way to higher ground.

Eternally Youthful Woman Denies She is Immortal, I