Wednesday, October 31, 2007


You are not a child of this soil.
You may be captive here, but this is not your home;
this is a foreign land.
- Swami B.R. Sridhar

by David Bowie

Time -
He's waiting in the wings,
He speaks of senseless things;
His script is you and me, boy!

Time -
He flexes like a whore,
falls wanking to the floor;
His trick is you - and me - boy!

in quaaludes and red wine
demanding billy dolls
and other friends of mine -
"Take your time!"

The sniper in the brain
regurgitating drain,
incestuous and vain...
And many other last names!
Well I look at my watch; it says 9:25 and I think
"Oh God!
I'm still alive..."

We should be home by now!
We should be home by now!

are not a victim!
just scream with boredom!
are not evicting Time...


Goddamn, you're looking old!
You'll freeze and catch a cold
'cause you've left your coat behind -
Take your Time!
Breaking up is hard,
but keeping dark is hateful.

I had so many dreams;
I made so many breakthroughs!
But - YOU,
my Love,
were kind,
and love has left you

The door to dreams was closed.

Your park was real dreamless;
perhaps you're smiling now,
smiling through this darkness...
But all I had to give
was the guilt
for dreaming!

We should be on by now!
We should be on by now!
We should be on by now!
We should be on by now!
We should be on by now!


Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Whatever we may conceive is within the infinite. If we have an idea of the infinite broadness and depth of the Absolute, how can we value anything here?
- Swami B.R. Sridhar

Monday, October 29, 2007

Squeeze Each Moment, Drink Each Moment

O slave of desire, float upon the stream, little spider; stick to your web, or else abandon your sorrows for the way. - Gautama Buddha

A real person of understanding has no desire. She lives in the moment, and whatsoever is available, she enjoys it to its totality. She squeezes each moment, she drinks each moment! She eats whatsoever is available. She sleeps, but she is total in whatsoever she is doing. - Osho

Friday, October 26, 2007

The First Love Has To Be Towards Oneself

The body has to become weightless so that you almost start walking above the earth; that is the Tantra way to walk. You are so weightless that there is no gravitation, you simply fly. But that comes out of great acceptance. It is going to be difficult to accept your body. You condemn it, you are always able to find faults with it. You never appreciate, you never love it, and then you want a miracle - that somebody will come and love your body! If you, yourself, cannot love it, then how are you going to find somebody else to love your body? If you cannot love it, nobody is going to love your body because you will keep people repelled.

You fall in love with a person who loves himself, never otherwise. The first love has to be towards oneself; only from that center can other kinds of love arise. You don't love your body, you hide it in a thousand and one ways. You hide your body's smell, you hide your body in clothes, you hide your body in ornamentation. You try to create some beauty that you continuously feel you are missing, and in that very effort, you become artificial. - Osho

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Believe in Myself

I Believe in Myself

I believe in myself
because it's me every day
who gets up to look in the mirror.
It's me who's gotta decide
what face and clothes I'll wear...
It's me
who's gotta get right
with my own heart and mind!
It's me who's gotta deal
with those who are unkind.
It's me who's gotta find a Way,
make sure no suffering or pain
is part of my making,
created by my own hands.
I can keep pushing forward
I can keep climbing upward
I won't be stuck in the sands
of mindless accidents,
and thoughtless "love".
I'll forge my way forward
with my best being to retrieve
and do it on the basis
that it's in me;
and I believe.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Who's Gonna Catch Me?

"I'm afraid... I'm afraid they will catch me." - Judy Garland

Who's gonna catch me
being bipolar?
It's the worst fear we live with,
that fear of rejection.
I'm not alone when I realize
I can't lie anymore
can't be a people-pleaser
can't fake or pretend to care.
Something shifts inside
once you find
you've been sick all your life.

There is always a yearning, too,
that someone will save you
from yourself.
Such moments of unquiet disposition
Such times of deep, shakable loneliness
without compassion...
I for one
have had no choice
but to find compassion for myself.
Yet people like me
are continually
accused of being selfish;
when, if we could
we would give our lives
for just a few moments
of genuine love, acceptance
without the facades.
And we are so vulnerable,
it's true.

Friday, October 19, 2007

"Straighten Yourself, Straighten the Crooked" - Gautama Buddha

We are not in our bodies;

our bodies are
in us.
For this reason alone -
it's not useful to focus on faults and ailments -
to the extent they must define us.
We can aspire
to our own inner authority, to our own values
and moral codes:
we can witness our faults and ailments
We know in our hearts
if there's something we're doing wrong
we can change it,
and that is enough.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Way of Faerie, V - Learning Lessons

Why do we repeat the same lessons
over and over again?
Because we must learn them...!
Once a lesson is learned,
Knowledge Is Power.
If you have not learned the lesson
you must repeat it!
Thus: some never learn!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


We all need times of rest,
in order to keep ourselves open to new possibilities.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Way of Faerie, IV - The Faerie Heart

The Heart must be kept
wild and free
with the use of gratitude;
this is the Secret
of Faerie Faith.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Pict Song, by Kipling

A Pict Song, by Kipling

Rome never looks where she treads.
Always her heavy hooves fall
on our stomachs, our hearts, or our heads;
And Rome never heeds when we bawl.
Her sentries pass on - that is all,
As we gather behind them in hordes,
and plot to reconquer the Wall,
With only our tongues for our swords.

We are the Little Folk - we!
Too little to love or to hate.
Leave us alone and you'll see
How we can drag down the State!
We are the worm in the wood!
We are the rot at the root!
We are the taint in the blood!
We are the thorn in the foot!

Mistletoe killing an oak -
Rats gnawing cables in two -
Moths making holds in a cloak -
How they must love what they do!
Yes - and we Little Folk too,
We are busy as they -
Working our works out of view -
Watch, and you'll see it some day!

We are the Little Folk - we!
Too little to love or to hate.
Leave us alone and you'll see
How we can drag down the State!
We are the worm in the wood!
We are the rot at the root!
We are the taint in the blood!
We are the thorn in the foot!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Life Promises Nothing and Everything

promises nothing
and everything
depending on presumption
Nature's ward can be a
reducing us to waste
and consumption

Is it no wonder
only kings and queens
were allowed entitlement
when people were
torn asunder?
Even then

they also knew
the grave rebellion

of primitive mindsets

closing in with anger hatred and redemption
to plunder

I used to tell myself
academia was the same

pretending I was page
or messenger of the queen
Our faculty pacing
with sneering faces,
the students lost
like erring peasants,

all of us performing
more than serving

Waiting for our Union
like some random cavalcade of knights
to come in
and set things right

And I contemplate
such presumed attachments
wondering what remains are seen
if I myself
should chose good roles
as either
or queen?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Seek Out Your Original Face

Man has completely lost the vision of his own reality. The Zen people say: seek out your original face. So says Tantra. Tantra says: find out what is your authenticity. Who are you? If you don't know who you are, you will always be in some accident - always. Your life will be a long series of accidents, and whatsoever happens will never be satisfying. Discontent will be the only taste of your life.

You can watch it around you. Why do so many people look so dull, bored, just passing tremendously valuable time which we will not be able to recover - and passing with such dullness, as if only waiting for death? What has happened to so many people? Why don't they have the same freshness as the trees? Why doesn't man have the same song as the birds? What has happened to man?

One thing has happened: man has been immitating, man has been trying to become somebody else. Nobody is at his own home, everybody is knocking at someone else's door; hence, discontent, dullness, boredom, anguish...

How can you trust anyone else if you don't trust yourself?


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Personal Happiness

If you are happy at the expense of another person's happiness, you are forever bound.

- Buddha

My prayer is that women, especially, will stop giving their power and energy and to dead-end situations. I am always hopeful that women, especially, will attend to their own personal happiness, as a priority.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Staying Light

Our angels

would require
that we drop
all our weights
to the world
in order to see them

By focusing on
and doing the things we love

we begin the initial steps
of dropping dead-weight
and also

dropping sorrow

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Being Single is Fun, I

Being single is fun...

You can sit up late
in your bed at night
chewing bubble-gum.
You can read an erotic novel.
No one cares
where you keep your gum -
on the bedpost
(or a nearby hovel).

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Vision Evolution

Vision Evolution

In the process

of transference
only the unique and individual soul
can understand its evolution;
therefore Tibetan Buddhists recommend
that we look back on the past
with forgiveness
for it is only through eyes
of forgiveness

that our sight is restored and
we are once again able to see

Friday, October 5, 2007


Slavery to the Absolute
is the highest position of freedom.
- Swami B.R. Sridhar

Thursday, October 4, 2007

From Nothing to Nothing by Osho

These trees
were not here a few days ago,
and they shall not be here after a few years.
were not here a few years ago
and we will not be here after a few years.
So, it is a long dream. In the night the dream persists for sixty or seventy years. But just the duration of time cannot make much of a difference... Whether a dream is of one hour
or one hundred years
does not make much difference;
the difference is only of duration but -
it disappears.

How many people have lived on earth, do you know? Where are they? If they had not existed, what difference would it have made? Whether they existed or not does not make much difference;
they have all
That which appears and disappears is the dream.

Thus, the ancient, Saraha said:
Yet with certainty
must all things be viewed
as if they were a magic spell...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

In the Middle of Two Nothings are All Things

Out of nothingness is born a tree.
Then come flowers, fruits, and a thousand and one things.
But each thing again becomes a seed, and the seed falls into earth
and again becomes that voidness.
This is the circle of existence:
from nothing to nothing, from nowhere to nowhere.
In the middle of of two nowheres is the dream, the samasara.
In the middle of two nothings are all things.
Hence, they are called dreamstuff;
hence, they are called maya,
hence they are called nothing but thoughts, fantasies.
This is the Tantra tree.
- Osho

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Listen to the Real

Remember to change your consciousness from the imaginary to the real. Always listen to the real. Unless you are very, very alert, you will remain in the trap of the imaginary.

The imaginary seems to be satisfying for many reasons. It is under your control. You can have Orandon's nose as long as you want - in your imagination. You can think whatsoever you want to think; no one can hinder it, nobody can enter into your imagination, you are utterly free. You can paint me as you want, you can imagine me, you can expect... You can make whatsoever you want of me, you are free; the ego feels very good. - Osho

Monday, October 1, 2007

Tantra is My Science

Tantra is my science. It is an easy-mix of meditation and balance, a way to work with oppositions and polarities. It is an exercise based in yoga, to help the body manage things like fear and anger. If more people practiced Tantra and yoga, it would be a different world. The Universe, also, would take on a different feel. Relationships between men and women would become softer and kinder; children would not feel like they were being abandoned.

Animals would be appreciated, treated respectfully. Human waste on the Earth would shift dramatically... People would learn they can heal themselves, doctors would treat us holistically. The planet would be cared for as Sacred Grounds.

Make Love to Yourself

Tantra does not say that to make love to the outer is a sin, it simply says that it is not very far-going. It does not condemn it, it accepts its naturalness; but it says that you can use that love-wave to go far inside. In that moment of thrill, things are not on the earth. You can fly. Your arrow can lead the bow towards the target. You become a Saraha.
- Osho, Tantric Transformation