Monday, February 15, 2010

Bowie Sound and Vision Cocoon

No drama here!

It's called "transformation".

David Bowie's 70's Zuit Suit

Personally, I think the red hair on Ziggy makes his freckles stand out.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Favorite President, Barack Obama

Here he is - my favorite President, Barack Obama.

At first glance, I'm thinking, wow - what a handsome man! But what's with this ugly tie? Very distracting. President Obama would do better to lean more towards silvers than gray. He also looks great in pinks and yellows. I especially like him without a tie. In fact, he's too sexy for his tie.

A water paint filter gave this photo texture. I worked with contrasts and highlighting to shift out the gray tones, make them more blue, and set the color of the skin tone. Now you find yourself focusing more on his face? Gorgeous, isn't he?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bridge of Faith - The Beatles

Ever ask, what's going on in this photo?

The details make it stand on its own quite well. John, Paul, George and Ringo are on the threshold of individuation. There's a certain resignation in their expressions; a sense of acceptance in the positioning of their hands. They all look like they just finished doing 9 Lives! "Tired!"

The white-glare is shifted out of the photo, deadening the objects around them. I feel they are standing on a bridge... See how each Beatle is focused on looking somewhere off in the distance? This must be a bridge of faith! Notice the images on the door above their heads? It's as if they have just walked out of the past. In the process of letting go of the past, we need faith. Faith in understanding... Our hearts will remain connected, and our love for one another will stay intact - even with "goodbye". Faith is the threshold between the known and the unknown.

Don't blame it on the Yo-Yo-Yo-Yoko Ono

(This has gotta be one of the crappiest pics, but I still like it!)

Peace means you are able to run your own energy without interference... I think that's important, don't you?

In the later days of the Beatles, George had a confrontation with John. He accused John of hiding behind his glasses...

If more men would allow themselves five years in a love affair with an older, spiritual woman? They would become liberated.

And In the End, It's the Love You Give

These old Beatles photos by Tom Murray are my faves...

This has got to be one of the most delightful photos, from when I was 9... For me, it captures the essence of what it was like to be a child in the '60's. All You Need Is Love.

First and foremost, I think the success of the Beatles rested in their willingness to do the spiritual giveaway. What comes around goes around. A giveaway is an expression of releasing energy through a gift or a spirit offering. They were having so much fun when they were young! (They didn't know they were losing millions... Until it began to effect their abilities to make music together.)

Resilient Ringo Starr

Here the fuzziness of this old photo seems to steal away from the impact of the portrait. Still, it's a good photo!

Again using highlighting, contrasting, and a poster filter, the portrait becomes defined. Resilience is not about bouncing back from painful or negative situations. It's not about generating pain or negativity for others with cynicism, unkindness or hostility. Resilience has more to do with suspending cooperation, in order to focus and move forward. Ringo Starr learned resilience early in his childhood. It seems he only does things when his heart is totally in it. Long Live, Ringo!

George Harrison, Spiritual Seeker

Consciousness is not an easy process. We all need help - teachers, healers, mentors, friends, lovers, angels, guardians. I just wonder where we'd be if George Harrison had not taken those steps. He had a conviction to seek and search and find. He is an exemplar.

Namaste', Beloved.
(Beloved, I honor the Spirit in You.)

Paul McCartney's Soul

Everyone has their favorite Beatle, and I have mine. (Sure, whenever you tell someone who your favorite Beatle is, it creates controversy...!)

I still think Paul McCartney is one of the most gifted musicians walking around on the planet.

Thank You, for touching our lives with your soul,
and filling our hearts with your music!