Sunday, January 31, 2010

Indomitable Spirit, Shaun White

Original photo of Shaun White, dragged off the public domain. I like this guy! A young man with a tenacious mom, she kept him active when the family learned Shaun was born with a heart defect. Shaun later came through a bad concussion, from a
competitive skateboard collision... He was 11, I think. Still his mom persisted in keeping him going, and his spirit took to it. His life is an example that love can go a long way.

Here, I just adjusted the contrast and highlighting in photoshop, to bring the central figure more "forward". This gives the photo more of a 3D look.

The Indomitable Spirit, Shaun White. My effort here is to dis-cover the "spirit" in the image... What's interesting is to work the the contrasts in a photo. I began to see in Shaun's face, a certain elevation of body and mind. He is perfectly suspended; emotion is neutral and freed-up. He's got mindset one needs if involved in competitive sports.

Using a "cut-up" filter on the highlighted photo, the filter changes things up. I feel it's possible to capture the "energy" and the "action" flowing off the central figure's body.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bjork "Swan" Photoshop

Yes, I think people can look a little cynical in real life...

Thus, the grace of photoshop! It can enhance a stressful moment captured on camera, and turn it into something romantic. (And screw 'em! Right Bjork?)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

John Lennon "Meditation" photoshop

Original photo of John Lennon

John Lennon "Meditation"; watercolor, '70's style, by me.
I like how, in this one, John's glasses almost look like reflections of tears...

David Bowie "Spirit" photoshops

Celebrating post #100 with a few pics of one of my most favorite persons on the planet... These photos of Bowie were taken around 1997 - not sure of the photographer, sorry! I used photoshop to emphasis certain qualities of Bowie's spirit... (Yes, you may bite my neck, anytime!!)