Thursday, December 4, 2008

Eternally Youthful Woman Denies She is Immortal, II

Dive into the deep waters of life...
If you can bring life to people;
be of constant encouragement,
one another.

Whole cities around you
will rise and fall,
but with YOU
at the center,
the energy moves
never drying to dust.

With YOU
at the center
the link is not broken.

The center is
common to us all,
The Collective Unconscious.
Others say "God within".
It's inside us,
the dream,
symbols, archetypes, emotions, instincts
we share with
every living being.

The lonely separateness we feel from others
is not because the center has dried up,
but because we loose the means
to reach its waters.
Timeless, inexhaustible
we can learn to nourish ourselves.

Each day is a challenge
to make ourselves pure again.

The clouds of Heaven rain help
upon those in need,
teaching us how we, too,
can move on
with no attachment to

the good we do.

To be sincere and earnest,
in spite of danger;
To not force the outcome,
but seek help when it's needed,
this is the way.

Daily, I restore this sword, my body,
pick it up, bring it into presence now.
I know this takes personal commitment,
Adversary would love to force one
into an angry display;
that would legitimize it's opposition...
Such rage would drag you down

to it's level.

bring yourself into presence,
take a public stand
against adversary, but refuse to participate
with it.
Without compromise,
show others the way to higher ground.

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