Friday, August 28, 2009

There are No Ghosts at Neverland

Michael Jackson wax doll, Madame Tussauds, Hollywood 8/2009

There are No Ghosts at Neverland

I saw the bit from the Larry King show posted on youtube... I thought it was really in poor taste. But a lot of people are gettng a kick outta it - an additional scene of an ugly "dead" looking MJ pops up in the last bit of footage? and shrieks like a banshee... Horrible.

It may be cameras captured some phenomena at Neverland, but I don't feel Michael had any intention of hanging around here. If anything, he would want to be born again as a child. It is very difficult (and not recommended) to entertain the paranormal, especially without first looking deeply into a person.

The problem is, with the kinds of drug use and addiction Michael had, such activity rips holes in the aura (energy field) of a person. (See my Jesus Heart Blog for more information on this.) It is possible to see this with a lot of people who are on drugs or are heavy users of alcohol. It looks as if some part of their body is graying - like a shadow. That shadow can go on to reverberate in a distant place, stuck in time and space.

With Michael Jackson there was an energy block happening between his eyes, above his nose, and at the back of his head; he was going brain-dead. There was something going on around his heart and his back, too. (I could see this in photos that were taken after the second lawsuit in 2003 - the pictures of Michael standing on top of his limo, with sunglasses, and long straight hair. He just looked lifeless. The expression in his face looked like no one was "home".)

Michael Jackson, 5/2009
(note the prayer beads around his neck)
So what happens with drug use is, bits of the soul are scattered about, even blown-out by force.

Native American Indians have ceremonies for people with scattered souls, which are called "soul retrievals". For instance, if someone is raped or attacked, the experience can push the soul out of the body, so a soul retrieval ceremony is done.

Psychotherapy is a modern form of soul retrieval.

There was a part of Michael that NEVER left Neverland (the guilt part). You see, of course, he was never gonna admit that, but he had to live with it. Emotions like guilt and shame can fragment the soul. It only seems supernatural in discussion, because we cannot see it - but we can sense it and feel it happening in ourselves and others. We can learn to deal with it more successfully by being compassionate and caring. In fact, the soul is very child-like. It's not limited to time, but it only has the understanding of about a 4 or 5 year old.

This is why prayer is useful... Prayer helps the soul to understand and stay connected with our Higher Power. The soul, the Higher Power and the body are conjunctively what animate spirit, keep us breathing and alive.

It's not a ghost, it's an energy there, that is just hanging around, waiting for resolution. By now, with his death and with all the prayers that have gone out for Michael Jackson, it may even be gone.

Actually, the idea of a "ghost" is rather superstitious. A ghost does not have three-dimensional substance or free will! A ghost is more of an energy-imprint which is stuck in ramification... Bouncing around repetitively in a place where the energy is being held or blocked.

There may be parts of Michael's energy hanging around his kids, but I doubt it. I think there have been enough prayers that have gone out for him.

Soon he'll be buried.

People should not try to hold his spirit down by looking for his "ghost". Instead, it would be in a kinder gesture to pray for Michael and direct him to the Light.

I think those closest to him know that and want it, and pray for his peace. That's what really matters!

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