Sunday, January 31, 2010

Indomitable Spirit, Shaun White

Original photo of Shaun White, dragged off the public domain. I like this guy! A young man with a tenacious mom, she kept him active when the family learned Shaun was born with a heart defect. Shaun later came through a bad concussion, from a
competitive skateboard collision... He was 11, I think. Still his mom persisted in keeping him going, and his spirit took to it. His life is an example that love can go a long way.

Here, I just adjusted the contrast and highlighting in photoshop, to bring the central figure more "forward". This gives the photo more of a 3D look.

The Indomitable Spirit, Shaun White. My effort here is to dis-cover the "spirit" in the image... What's interesting is to work the the contrasts in a photo. I began to see in Shaun's face, a certain elevation of body and mind. He is perfectly suspended; emotion is neutral and freed-up. He's got mindset one needs if involved in competitive sports.

Using a "cut-up" filter on the highlighted photo, the filter changes things up. I feel it's possible to capture the "energy" and the "action" flowing off the central figure's body.

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