Monday, February 1, 2010

Bridge of Faith - The Beatles

Ever ask, what's going on in this photo?

The details make it stand on its own quite well. John, Paul, George and Ringo are on the threshold of individuation. There's a certain resignation in their expressions; a sense of acceptance in the positioning of their hands. They all look like they just finished doing 9 Lives! "Tired!"

The white-glare is shifted out of the photo, deadening the objects around them. I feel they are standing on a bridge... See how each Beatle is focused on looking somewhere off in the distance? This must be a bridge of faith! Notice the images on the door above their heads? It's as if they have just walked out of the past. In the process of letting go of the past, we need faith. Faith in understanding... Our hearts will remain connected, and our love for one another will stay intact - even with "goodbye". Faith is the threshold between the known and the unknown.

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Leah Marie Brown said...

What a fun blog you have here. I did a search on blogger for people who love French History and your name came up. So glad I clicked here...