Sunday, January 23, 2011

Immanence & Transcendence (sadomasochism)

Immanence & Transcendence

We're only acquainted through games...
Of ripping and stripping
You call it Slash and Slash Back.
Slash and slash and slash and slash...
(Who's getting cut, really?)

I call it Smoke and Mirrors.
Blow smoke in my face, I hold up a mirror.
I blow smoke in your face, you slash.
Some call it Snakes and Ladders;
A toss of the dice.

Knock me down a notch, I'll crawl up your ass.
I knock you down;
do you continue to slash?

Spiritual games of tension...
Between immanence and transcendence.


I am a Child of God
and God is immanent in me.
When I'm functioning as a healer,
that's between God and I.
You can't touch this.

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