Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Woman's Nature to Nurture

It's in a woman's nature, and her essential need, to nurture... Whether she is young or not, married or not. We are creatures who need to feel our feelings and be powerful about it, deep inside. We know our powerful feelings generate energies and vibrations that help us feel good about ourselves. We know, when we cut ourselves off from our feelings at a deep level, the results are dis-ease and illness.

You cannot condemn a woman who has lived through such an experience, you will only earn her disrespect. And if she is a person of substance? She will consider herself to be a spiritual warrior, and will also fight back: but not in the need to confront, no, not ever. If she is a person of substance it will always be with the intention of restoring the balance of wellness. It goes against a woman's natural needs to create war.

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