Saturday, October 13, 2007

Life Promises Nothing and Everything

promises nothing
and everything
depending on presumption
Nature's ward can be a
reducing us to waste
and consumption

Is it no wonder
only kings and queens
were allowed entitlement
when people were
torn asunder?
Even then

they also knew
the grave rebellion

of primitive mindsets

closing in with anger hatred and redemption
to plunder

I used to tell myself
academia was the same

pretending I was page
or messenger of the queen
Our faculty pacing
with sneering faces,
the students lost
like erring peasants,

all of us performing
more than serving

Waiting for our Union
like some random cavalcade of knights
to come in
and set things right

And I contemplate
such presumed attachments
wondering what remains are seen
if I myself
should chose good roles
as either
or queen?

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