Saturday, October 20, 2007

Who's Gonna Catch Me?

"I'm afraid... I'm afraid they will catch me." - Judy Garland

Who's gonna catch me
being bipolar?
It's the worst fear we live with,
that fear of rejection.
I'm not alone when I realize
I can't lie anymore
can't be a people-pleaser
can't fake or pretend to care.
Something shifts inside
once you find
you've been sick all your life.

There is always a yearning, too,
that someone will save you
from yourself.
Such moments of unquiet disposition
Such times of deep, shakable loneliness
without compassion...
I for one
have had no choice
but to find compassion for myself.
Yet people like me
are continually
accused of being selfish;
when, if we could
we would give our lives
for just a few moments
of genuine love, acceptance
without the facades.
And we are so vulnerable,
it's true.

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