Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Blog is a place for Voice-Dialog

The Blog is a place for voice-dialog, a place to file thoughts, plans, concerns. So many people worldwide feel they do not have a voice, thus: a reason to Blog. Imagine sorting through your Blogs to see - "Hey, I thought THAT?" A Blog is a place for personal voice-dialog, a place to sort and file a voice, worldwide.

It's a voice-dialog, the Blog examines people places things in self-reflection but also includes new friendships, mutual recognition.

In the future, people won't write their Blogs, Blogs will be spoken.

The Blog will have the potential to become a confessional, used to ease the minds of the weary, before it's time to nod off... A diary of what was said and done. A word to What Is.

Sort on the Blog. Let it become your moral compass, if you have nothing else to believe in.

Make yourself your own highest ideal.

Create categories for Heart and Trust. (Don't worry about pleasing people.)

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