Saturday, September 15, 2007

When You Burn, You Burn

Learn how to be self-contained, so when you burn, you burn. Burning takes different directives, or is a way to surrender.

Don't bother to see yourself as being contained in the world, but rather. become self-contained.

Get straight with yourself, don't lie to yourself. Get to the heart and the flesh, blood and bones, and the meat of the matter.

When the world contains you, you are subject to battery, assault, psychic damage around the lack of values most others have. Jealousy is powerful, but played down; envy and greed are everywhere; misuse of power and lying are given to be the norm in our media; blaming perpetuates dramas, to the extent that it never stops. You can stop.

You can stop, and to do anything less is to be pulled off-focus; for in the end, we all burn, albeit not always gracefully.

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