Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Respect, Now

Respect, Now

We teach people how we want to be treated

We underestimate the poisons of jealousy, ignorance, attachment...
So that

when I cop an attitude
you cop one, too
when I act entitled and trespass,
you do the same

when I make presumptions

you also learn to presume;
I am verbally or emotionally abusive

you are too

when we meet in a place where
anger becomes our comfort zone
I will blame you
and you will blame me

we might punish each other
with silence
we would become paranoid...
seeking ways to intimidate each other
we would condescend, to identify
with one another...
yet we would be
just like one to the other

There would be no outlets other than
physical abuse
or perhaps addiction
to sex, drugs, power

men do these things to us
and we do them
to one another

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