Friday, May 30, 2008

Dream This

Sometimes I dream this

never surprised at the characters I meet
who are also dreaming this.
Just be careful
if you get too close to this state.
The public loves to declare
you have disappeared, need medication or
there is a problem with addiction;
never truly guessing you might have done it to yourself
on purpose.

Instead, someone is called in to write a report or documentary,
making you look like more of a study.
Since no one ever truly listened
I suppose this is why we turn to dreaming.
Dreaming is a way to listen to yourself.
It's a "safe" way to contemplate doing-away with yourself.
I sometimes dream I am hanging myself
or throwing myself into traffic.
The more violent dreams you know, I've outgrown and put aside
(I am talking about the dreams of letting-blood).
Yes, you can outgrow these things!
Yet I'm amazed I made it this far!

The challenge is to keep my mind and my eyes open.
I was lucky to have teachers who taught me how
using the arts, painting, writing, poetry and music
are ways to give myself an excuse from violent ends.
But I worry about the girls who are missing,
some too young to know what happened,
they become victims of another's sordid dreams,
simply I'm sure, because nobody bothered to listen.

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