Monday, May 26, 2008

Realize This

I've got a big secret to tell you. You remember this horrible nightmare...? Some called it a fairy-tale? (They called it a fairy-tale, but for us, remember, it was real.)

That was their way of minimizing you. They wanted to stay in their denial. So it was easier to tell you your shamanic trances, your otherworldly journeys into yourself weren't real.
They will always urge you, that you must keep running to get to something more real.

Realize this: you can't keep running.

It's part of a people-pleasing game.

They say you MUST keep running!
You are not allowed to be anything but afraid.
What would happen if you stopped being afraid?

(You just might run into something interesting.

If you were to stop, you might disappear!!
You have to be in-touch with yourself,
have the courage enough
to know yourself inside and out,
good, bad, and ugly.

(Then, when you stop? You Will Still Be Here!)

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