Friday, June 20, 2008

Game This

Tell them what they want to hear,
not what you think they should know...
Always act as if you care -
even if you wish to go.
Take interest in what they say,
and not in what they do.
Always wear the last fashion
with the best accessory and shoe.
Smoke with the those who smoke,
and drink with those who drink;
always laugh and smile, never letting on
you might be one who thinks.
Copy every friend you have
then tell them they are better.
Listen to whom they criticize
mimicking them to the letter.
Always ask and kow-tow,
offer presents, candy - a snack.
Then be sad and sorry
if there's anything you lack.
Cultivate your tantrum,
making sure they know your name;
this is the most consistent way
to go about this game!
You're the only one aware
if you can't keep your word,
no use pretending this is fair,
in fact, it's all absurd!
Just laugh and sing and dance a lot
- and never show your anger!
It's the best of ways to hold your spot
when the Queen gives you the finger!

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