Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sit On This

What would happen
if you stopped burning and blowing smoke?
Became less
of a worker-bee/performer,
a what-if-thinkin' pepper-shaker?
Must you always be outstanding,
killing yourself by their demanding?
Barely maiming everyone near you...
Getting through the work you do.

You might have more focus
If you stopped allowing another
to set the tone, like some
over-stuffed controlling mother.
Don't hang-in there for the soup
if getting out
is the best re-coup!
Just remember:
All invitations come a-knocking,
invading your brain, when you're not looking.

Their lives, consumed,
a not-so-private chaos,
their unmanageable air,
so filled, and so innocuous,
leaves you sitting there,
the speechless guest in an uneasy chair.
Reduced to crouching like some crazy, wild cat
which knows chaos
is where it's at...
They bring it with them and it never slows!
Whatever they do it just comes and goes -
24/7 - it comes and it goes!

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