Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Will You Won't You This?

How do your friends come about -
by introduction or at random?
Would you dare to want to hang out
with a Mock Turtle or a Gryphon?
Isn't it strange
what makes a good time
is not always great in the long-run?
In fact, ever notice
how often it feels you're really not
having much fun?
When there's no respect
between you or me
it can affect
our integrity.
shape our hopes
and affect our dreams...
Others can take us
apart at the seams.
So, why force it
why coerce it
if there's no freedom in dance?
With every friendship we stand
that chance.
Just remember
if you enjoy being one
who does your own thing,
then do your own thing
'Til your interest is done!

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