Monday, July 27, 2009

Michael Jackson: Buried Alive

The world has much to learn
from the life and the death of Michael Jackson..

I feel he was officially buried alive by Martin Bashir in 2003 (via a karmic agreement between the two). Both men went into these series of televised interviews knowingly, and both were dancing around each other trying to get at the truth. The interviews continue to be controversial because Bashir reached a point where he felt he had to become confrontational with Jackson, believing he was not getting the truth. Certainly, he was getting mixed messages from Jackson (in the same way the public was). But the end result of the interviews were that Michael became defensive and felt victimized by not being accepted at face-value. And it was how these interviews played out in public that buried Michael Jackson (and his career) alive.

Michael, like the rest of his family, was a shameless self-promoter and went to great lengths to present a certain kind of image of himself to the public. Unfortunately, over the last 20 years, Michael was also dealing with severe drug problems, which deterred his abilities to differentiate between public relations, the truth, and reality.

Michael Jackson did all he had come here to do.

He was done with this earth plane. His spiritual legacy is to teach those of us who loved him how to understand the deep oppression of what shaming and blaming does to our lives and the lives of others. Perhaps in the time of our President, Barack Obama, we will learn how to get beyond such patterns of personal blame and shame through the audacity of HOPE? That's my prayer.

Perhaps it was hope that kept Michael Jackson going for as long as he did - but he didn't find it, necessarily, in other people, and especially not in adults.

He was black, he was gifted,
he was abused and molested as a child; he was gay.

No one ever helped him to deal with this shadow, which took over his life.

Online reports say his father managed him by brutally kicking his son right where it counted - in his testicles. For this reason, some reports online are stating Michael was sterile and couldn't have kids. Michael was emasculated and oppressed by such actions by his father from an early age; he was groomed to lie to the public, especially about his sexuality. When asked as a young man by a reporter if he was gay, Michael requested that all recording machines be turned off. His answer was that he didn't want anything to go on record, that he didn't wish to say he wasn't gay, because he knew he had many gay fans. (I believe this was reported in a televised interview with Smokey Robinson.)

He was groomed to believe he was entitled to have riches, to spend money however he wanted. He began groping himself in public in his videos around the age of 27, with the BAD album. When kids came to Neverland, they wanted to dress like him and dance like him. He taught them how to Moondance, but might have also goofed around with kids and taught them it was "okay" to feel and touch themselves the way he did in videos. And who knows what went on behind closed doors? His rationale as an adult was inappropriate and questionable. For sure, Jackson's shadow-self and his acting-out against everything his father represented created repercussions in his personal life for the worst.

Certainly, if you check out the records on Michael Jackson
, the reports are out there (google "smoking gun" and "Michael Jackson" for those pages). Investigators said the two court cases were singled out of many complaints from parents who felt they could do nothing but remove their kids from Jackson's circle.

He had controversial marriages; he had babies by fertilization; he had multiple alterations done to his face and body. Some believe he began to butcher his own face out of his hatred towards his father, who he resembled from the time he was little.

Michael Jackson was not able to look at himself in a mirror during the last 10 years of his life; that's how acute the pain of his shadow had become. He was like Peter Pan in that he had no control over it, or over himself. In the interview with Bashir he said just the thought of his father was enough to make him vomit.

Michael was anorexic and had a bulemic disorder. He used drugs and lied about it; he gave alcohol to children (as per reports shown on the smoking gun pages); his every act was a cry for help! And all of this was of his own choosing, because in his adult years he refused to get the right help.

It seems, too, the public and the law holds different standards for people like him and his family, because they are money.

Perhaps the public will come to learn from his life that we all have CHOICES in how we conduct our lives and ourselves.

God Bless Him

Ignorance does terrible things to people. We live in an age where there is no excuse for it; and even in wishing for hopeful outcomes for others, it is possible to imply that still, we all live with freedom of choice. But we have to strive for it, and be proactive about not allowing the shadows and the darkness in our lives to get the best of who we are, and who we will become.

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