Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Jackson Personal Memorials

These are photos of spontaneous memorials set up for Michael Jackson last week, across the planet. Out of 187 photos posted on LA Times online, I chose these for my page... I have photoshopped these pics to enhance them.

This little heart appeared on plot at UCLA Medical Center,
once fans heard of Michael's death.
The fragrance of the rose is healing to all hearts.

UCLA fan carries a poster of Michael across campus...
Michael's spirit will continue to need many prayers
as he passes through the bardos of this lifetime,
searching for God's Light - may he be there.

Personal Message to Michael, I think this is in California...
(We all know, human beings can be very cruel.
We all know we need to work on our skills
to have better relationships.)

In Pakistan, a prayer altar...
May out prayers lift and guide the spirit into light.

Newspaper collection the next day...
Should anyone be surprised?

Red Rose for Michael...

Blue Rose for Michael...

A Jackson Fan in Milan, Italy
To cleanse ourselves with tears
is to allow more room in our hearts
for love; and indeed, tears
are a signal that love has touched us.

Altar for Jackson in Lima, Peru...
The Journey into the Light is long and arduous.

A vigil altar for Michael Jackson, in India
May you be remembered and recognized
in your perfection;
for God does not make mistakes.

Mourning Fans at the Eifel Tower, France
All pain is a revolution.

Young Chinese Boys honoring Michael at a gathering...

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