Friday, February 18, 2011

Can I Absolutely Know It's True?

You can be a Beast, with fangs. For the most part, I like it. Do I really believe this is true? Do I absolutely know it's true? No. Because I've looked into your heart and sense there's not enough love in the world to go around for you... And that's a good thing. (It's the common pain we share.)

I like the idea of us, coming to one another hopeless. It frees us up of the tripping... Even if it feels frightening. We've talked thousand times for a thousand lifetimes... We should know we're safe with with each other!! It's the fault-finding, the paranoia that are poisons to truth-seekers. We have what it takes to work it out!

Life is unconditional love. Evolution comes in giving ourselves permission to close-down the "gates", open our hearts.
Sure, it's god-damned painful! At a core level, there's something twisted with those who need to use others as a technique of personal growth.

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