Friday, February 18, 2011

Is It True?

My mother is a bear...

No, it's not true; my mother is not a bear. She's a human being who continues to be deeply wounded, because she was abused as a child. Like many men and women I know... But with people, there is always a certain amount of denial. And with that, projection of abuse. So in my mind, it becomes a bearish, animalistic thing I don't always understand.

As a child, you learn to extend your energy beyond your body in order to "read" and predict the energy of another (also known as empathy). Not a good thing. It can make for a continuous identity crisis if you are never taught or encouraged to individuate... If no one has ever told you it's ok to love yourself, or shown you that all the real love you need comes from within.

There is a certain amount of paranoia that comes with being empathic. Many people live with it, not knowing this is the reason some are calling the New Millennium "The Age of Anxiety". Something we have inherited from the Baby-Boomers and bearish people who have been taught that life is "disposable", a throw-away.

Is it true, that my mother is a bear? No. It's not true, but I am also beyond caring because it has taken over 45 years for me to figure out the truth, and who I would be without this belief.

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