Thursday, February 24, 2011

Filters of Negativity

I am so grateful to you for revealing to me these truths.

So many people suffer along the spiritual path. It's a process of seeking... And with that comes breakdown.

We need our egos in order to survive. We need to understand what it is we identify with... And also, how we over-do it by too much thinking.

The ego is the guardian along a murky borderline of illusions... A place where jealousy, control, neediness, isolation, tyranny, oppression and paranoia are joined together by a long string of fault-finding.

Everyone deals with this on some level. Why this process is so exaggerated among those who struggle with mental illness is something else.

The more things are busted down, the more insecure someone becomes. And the soul goes through a dark night of extended pain, and limbo... Because when paranoia happens, the soul has lost its identity. The integrity of person's spirit and body has been crushed.

Actions and emotions like jealousy, control, neediness, isolation, anger, tyranny, oppression and paranoia are simply filters of negativity in the beginning. Something to pay attention to, and honor. It's not possible to change what is not acknowledged.

Such emotions are always signals to you, the one who is living the reality, to back down, regroup and recollect your self.

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