Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pity Sex: Don't You Feel Sorry for "Me"?

pity sex:
don't you feel sorry for "me"?
sure, my pants
are rotting off my ass,
the teeth are fallin
outta my head...
I got a disease
I got an addiction
but I'm still cute,
ya think?

Don't have much to say,
not really accountable
for all my pain;
didn't I mention?
didn't I tell ya
whose fault it all
You think I'm livin
in the past?
But somehow
I know
you got somethin good
to give.

see how my face lights up
when you believe?

la la la la
da da da
sure I'm a star
but my light burned out

and my needs...?
they ain't gettin met
didn't I tell ya?
I don't like to talk much about it
I'd rather
sink down under it
and under you

with this pill or booze
whatever you wanna do

let me get down
under ya

I'm needy,

and into your skin

I'm sure you're a goddess
I'm sure it will be good
to feel the love you have to give
since I can't give it
to myself

let's get down
and under
and into each other's


you show me
what this thing is
you call love
but whatever you do

don't think this will last

nothing ever lasts;
that's the world we live in
and I'm livin proof
I'm so afraid
running towards my death..
C'mon, take my hand,
we'll stop runnin and rest;
coz you know and I know
it's all shit
(and that's
my private secret).

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