Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Trust is an Energy of Flow

The Buddhists have a few slogans
regarding trust:
"Don't act-out with a twist,"
"Drive all blame into yourself".
Such slogans recognized that
we are the creators of our
persona reality.
But trust,
I tell you, never happens over-night.

Look into the source of things,

how one cares for one's self,
loves one's self.
You'll get some knowledge
of what's going on with trust in that.
Loving remains only an ideal

So many ask how it can be,
a stranger is a kinder personality
than family
and even a sometimes friend.
We're often on our best behaviors
for strangers.
We always get to trust
when things start fresh.

With family and friends
there is always a past.
There are no absolutes
no means to an end
when it comes to the flow
of trust.

It's never about a person, a personality;
it's about what a person does.
It's never about the world, or the painful politics
of arguing with reality, or
"what is".
The Universe provides an abundance...
Which is why trusting and loving
can feel so radical
and so radically opposed
to anything
one has ever known.

Trust is an energy of flow,
not force.

Why relegate someone
into confinement,
a box?
It is morally wrong.
But in a society in denial
we are all fairly good at
doing that to ourselves!
And losing faith in the process,
the journey of reality,
"what is".

There may be a possibility to look at what
is being done.
Keep your finger on the pulse
of loving yourself or someone.
Change it.

You "like" or "dislike" someone:
have you ever met anyone who is perfect?
Are you perfect, spotless,
without skeletons?

Like or dislike is that tenuous state,
quantifying, qualifying -
like dime.
Manic depression
total outright aggression.

Focus on the boundaries and limitations
of what's working or not working.

Focus on adjustments
or needed requirements
for change...
But don't deify.
See reality for what it is,
and do your best
not to turn a soul into a,
a devil
or victim or
a whore.

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