Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Fear signals our personal boundaries or limits.

Whenever you feel fear about another person,
that's a good signal for you;
look into yourself and figure out what's limiting you
in such a way to create fear.

Fear is the powerful emotion
that puts forth a call to
establish a personal boundary
or move on, or run.

Of course, we all know this
in the collective unconsciousness.
We feel it.

We test one another's boundaries
all the time -
how else can we grow?

But it's not OK
to allow fear to run your life.
It's better to work with the texture
of that fear.
Aim yourself
in the direction of
being fierce
and fearless.

Transmute the sources
of collective, unconscious

It will take some courage
on your part.

It's really about being
in possession
of your self.

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