Saturday, November 26, 2011

Coz We Be Good Soldiers

Coz We Be Good Soldiers

While you've been busy
regimenting and up-grading
your priorities,
I've been organizing
and ritualizing mine:
coz we be good soldiers
in hot or cold weather.

I've been linin' my drawers,

ritually-foldin' my socks
Sweepin' and cleanin' the rocks,
coz I be a good soldier.
You've been practicing your riffs
and driving your wiff
and walking the dog,regimenting your log
you be a good soldier
in hot or cold weather.
We got it down to a T
scaling A, B & C
coz we got it set up
No time to think
no time to ponder
no option for "mental"
when it's set up
regimental -it's all about freedom, right?

Coz we be good soldiers

in hot or cold weather.
It's not about choice -
we just get things well-done.
Gotta get it set up -
so others can have fun.

Have you cleaned-up the kitchen?

Did you thaw out the chicken?
Did you walk the dog?
Did you unplug the clog?
Have you scrubbed out the toilet
and vacuumed the rug?

Did you clean out the mail,

hit the holiday sales?
Did you call both the kids,and bleach-out your skids?
Did you talk to your shrink?
Have you abstained from drink?
Did you check-in with group?
Did you toss out the soup?
I forget how good you are -
you be such a good soldier!

Did you take all your meds?

Did they dumb-down your head?
Well, I fibbed a bit here...

I'm not really all that.
Sure, I cleaned out the closet,

got rid of old hats...
But I'm a Free Agent!
I do what I please!
Instead of do "solider" -
I just say

What would happen if
the dog
passed away,
and the wiff ran away with the
garbage man?
Would you still stay
regimented, soldier?
I like to pretend
we do it together again...
Two god-damned good soldiers -


I know you've done
every little thing you could
to be it...
So what of your dreams?
Your potentials, gifts and talents,
when the world won't let you see it?
I wish I could rip
the oppression from your eyes!
But my every attempt
seems to tyrannize...
So like you, I'll pretendI'll act like an excellent soldier.
Chin up,

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