Sunday, November 27, 2011

There Are Many Kinds of Love

We human beings love to love, but perhaps we should keep our egos out of it. (Ladies, I know that's a challenge! Don't let society push you into addictive spending/enabling to keep your love alive... Just love yourself, and be loving.) I'm talking about moving out of a kind of neediness and into grace.

I think I spent most my life feeling sorry for others, taking pity on them and calling it love. All it does is create a one-way energy!

Some people call it "pity-sex". I say, don't do it. Consider the source and it's lack. Look with stern compassion into the person's face. See if you can discover the reason WHY love seems to be just "missing" its mark when it comes you. Do you feel you are accepted and loved in return?

When I think of all the faces I've seen and all the people I know, wow! Love is situation-specific. And if you love someone? It will be unique, and incomparable to any other. You see? For each person, there's going to be a different kind of love. No two loves are the same.

Therefore, just make it your aim to feel good... And be "loving" about it. Love your life. That's a great start.

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