Monday, November 28, 2011

The City

I love living in the city! It's such a mix of diversity. In the city, it doesn't matter what time of year it is... There's always somewhere to go, someone to spend time with, something to do.

People in my neighborhood are actually very flexible. So it doesn't matter if you believe in the same things they do or not. Because there's so much diversity, people just try to respect one another.

The most disturbing thing about living in the city is the homelessness. It does not seem acceptable or morally right in an age when people are supposedly becoming so educated and enlightened.

It's important to help someone when you can... Even if it is with a little food, or full meal. Many homeless people do not have clean clothes; some don't have shoes.

In a perfect world, they could at least have some clean clothes with a trip to the neighborhood thrift-store. (Yes, many of us are strapped in this economy... But even a pair of shoes from the thrift-store could make a world of difference to someone who has to live in the streets.)

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