Monday, November 28, 2011

Spirit of Jimi

So many have written of the magic and spiritual "experience" they feel when listening to the music of Jimi Hendrix. And it goes, without exception... We had a fun afternoon yesterday! Ron set up his electric guitar and mike near the OCCUPY protesters. (They are camping just across the street near the Jimi Hendrix statue.)

It always feels like quite a "scene" when Ron performs (smile)! He's immediately surrounded by crowds of people with their digital cameras. He performs Jimi's well-known songs. In spite of the clouds, the cold, the rain, we all spontaneously gathered around on the street for the music. It's a diverse neighborhood of people of all ages and colors. Etc. We might not camp with the OCCUPY groups, but we support them in spirit.

We met a guy who just drove in from Jimi's grave site. He came into town to take photos of the statue. He told us Bruce Lee's birthday is on the same day, as well!

Bless Your Soul, Jimi; Happy Birthday.

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