Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ka-Blah-Blah Boyfriend

Ka-Blah-Blah Boyfriend


Life is always a little sad when the dreams of one's favorite celebs go crashing through the floor and into a kind of hell. I mean, come on Madonna and Demi!! Did you really??? Somebody got into their ka-blah-blah a little too much. And that's a drag when you've got people like reverends coaching you to believe someone is your soul-mate. Stop that shit!

Yeah. If you wanna believe or truly feel someone is your soul-mate? I would urge you, keep to yourself. Don't even confide to him or her! Hold on to what you believe. Cherish it, and celebrate it as a private secret. WHY? Because people overcompensate for things. We also have a very human need to prove to ourselves what's real or not real. We test the hell out of everything.

Don't give your "soul-mate" that opportunity. Put your ego on the back-burner.

Keep what you believe a private secret. And if things don't work out? You might have a good reason to laugh. If you feel it's real, regardless? Get in there and fight for it.

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